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NJ Engineering Specialist Selected as STV’s First for WTS Leadership Program

Nov 19, 2022
WTS Leadership Program

In a first for an STV employee, Hilary Porter, EIT, engineering specialist in the Lawrenceville, NJ office, recently completed the prestigious Women’s Transportation Seminar (WTS) International Signature Leadership Training program in Washington, D.C.

The four-day leadership event, which includes sessions for mid-career and executive-level leaders, provides training with the mission of developing participants professionally in how to manage others effectively, goal setting, and navigating challenging dialogues.

As a newcomer to WTS – a professional organization that is dedicated to a more diverse, inclusive and equitable transportation industry through the global advancement of women – Porter was invited to join a monthly meeting by Patricia Macchi, national transportation economics practice leader.

“Seeing the impact WTS has made on my peers motivated me to join,” Porter said. “The leadership training program was much more introspective than I expected. Typically, leadership events are about how to lead or influence others. This focused on self-development; understanding your own involvement and what you can control. It was very eye-opening.”

Hilary Porter (4th from right) with this year’s participants in the WTS International Signature Leadership Training Program
Hilary Porter (4th from right) with this year’s participants in the WTS International Signature Leadership Training Program.

“Hilary was a very strong candidate for the program,” said Macchi, who participated in the program earlier in her career. “Since this was the first in-person leadership program in two years, members of STV’s leadership team supported Hilary through her application process.”

Prior to attending, participants completed the Gallup Clifton Strengths Assessment as a basis for understanding their leadership qualities, as well as what skills to develop.

Porter was nominated for the program by Jim Kolb, GGP, MCPPO, senior vice president and regional director for New England.

“Hilary and I have worked together for more than five years,” Kolb said. “One of the things I noticed right away is her meticulous, thorough skillset and attention to detail. She’s intelligent, organized, and perfect for leadership.”

Porter plans to embed the skills she learned with colleagues, clients, and the communities they serve. She will present her lessons learned at the WTS monthly meeting.

“Leadership isn’t a position: it’s a presence,” Porter said. “While managers are expected to be leaders, anyone can show leadership on a team.”

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