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STV’s CM Leaders Spearhead Launch of New Credentials


As the Construction Manager Certification Institute (CMCI), a subsidiary of the Construction Management Associate of America (CMAA), moves forward on its upcoming year of programming, the organization announced a new credential for mid-career construction managers: the Certified Associate Construction Manager (CACM).  

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As CMCI’s immediate past chair, Raoul D. Ilaw, P.E., CCM, FCMAA, STV vice president, played a key part in making this new credential a reality.

“The CACM helps owners and employers identify professionals who are ready to move beyond entry-level tasks and help lead projects and programs,” Ilaw said. “CACM provides a path for these mid-level professionals who are ready for more responsibility before leading entirely on their own.”’

CMAA’s series of credentials provide career pathways with varying points of entry, from mid-career to tenured industry professionals.

“My hope is that with this new CACM certification, more STV employees will make use of STV’s continuing education program and certifications to develop as the next generation of program and construction management professionals,” said Luis Delgado, CCM, PMP, and president of the national CM group.

CMAA currently has 30 regional chapters nationwide. Chapters provide members with professional development, scholarship programs, award recognition, and advocacy for the construction management profession as new local, regional, and federal legislation is developed.