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Mobility Technologies Group has Successful ITS Conference


John Egger and Dan Corey at ITS

Dan Corey, P.E., vice president and national director of mobility technologies, and John Egger, P.E., senior engineering operations manager, recently returned from a very successful ITS World Congress – a global event that brings togethers leaders, practitioners, policy makers, researchers and private industry to unite around the intelligent transportation systems (ITS) industry.

For Corey and Eggers, the four-day event, which was held this year in Los Angeles, was the perfect opportunity to network with industry leaders and colleagues to further advance the goals of STV’s burgeoning national practice of ITS, electrical vehicle (EV), connect and automated vehicles (CAV) and data professionals.

“Our team got face time with several federal and state transportation officials, while also getting a first-hand view of the emerging technologies that are going to shape the work that we do for clients and our communities in the near term,” Corey said. “The ITS World Congress is the premier event for our line of work, and we really enjoyed the experience of attending this year.”

The STV team met with leaders from several key clients and also discussed collaborative opportunities with vendors who are at the forefront of EV, CAV and ITS technologies.

“The attendance at this event was incredible,” said Eggers, who also attended several roundtables during the conference. “There were so many key stakeholders that are aligned with our goals in attendance.”

Both STV as an organization and Corey and Eggers individually are active members of ITS America. Additionally, Corey is co-chair of ITS America’s Smart Infrastructure Standing Committee, while Eggers is a board executive and acting secretary for the Intelligent Transportation Society of Pennsylvania.