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STV Philadelphia Engineering Specialist Chairing Major Transportation Organization


Taylor Novitsky

Philadelphia Engineering Specialist Taylor Novitsky was recently named chair of the Young Professionals in Transportation’s (YPT) Philadelphia chapter. Founded in 2008, YPT is an international nonprofit organization that provides networking and growth opportunities for new career professionals entering the transportation sector.

Novitsky is chairing one of YPT’s 25 North American-based chapters. Her role entails growing chapter membership and coordinating with board members for new events.

“YPT is made up of people who are passionate about transportation, from engineers, to government employees. As we work to grow our chapter membership and recognition, our goal is for members to attend these events and meet other professionals who share their passion, as well as those in leadership positions who can offer experience,” Novitsky said. “I want to be involved in providing innovative events for other transportation professionals who are just starting out.”

In addition to YPT, Novitsky is a member of the American Society of Civil Engineers and the Philadelphia Chapter of the Women in Transportation Seminar.