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STV National Planning Director Named a Fellow at the Chaddick Institute for Metropolitan Development

Mar 12, 2024
Phil Hanegraaf headshot

Phil Hanegraaf, STV’s National Planning Director and Vice President, has been named a Fellow at the Chaddick Institute for Metropolitan Development at DePaul University.

The Chaddick Institute, located within DePaul’s Loop Campus in Chicago, is one of the premiere forums for planners, attorneys, developers, and entrepreneurs to share expertise on emerging transportation and land use issues. Founded in 1993, The Institute offers technical programs, workshops, conferences, policy studies and civic engagement for community planning. In addition to its professional and academic programming, the Institute is also a leading publisher of academic scholarship and reports on urban planning, transportation, and the economics of cities.  

“I have supported the work of DePaul University’s Chaddick Institute directly and indirectly since its inception in 1993,” said Hanegraaf.  “To become a fellow and be directly engaged with the team and its programs offers me a unique channel to partner with our communities through creative planning and programming.”

As a Fellow, Hanegraaf will contribute to the institute’s leadership, program development and academic interests in several ways. In addition to research and writing on current national transportation trends and issues, he will support transportation and land use planning advocacy through teaching, organizing seminars, and training. Fellows also help connect the institute more directly to the transportation industry, increasing the organization’s community presence both in the Chicago community and nationally.

Hanegraaf is an accomplished leader in planning with over 35 years of experience in transportation planning, multimodal planning regional and community planning and project development. With a focus and passion for transportation, land use planning and civic purpose, Hanegraaf works with STV’s rail, transit, highway, MPO/regional and multimodal planning clients on developing and integrating new skills and technology for future-focused transportation and community planning.