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Massachusetts Planning Manager Takes the Leadership 2.0 Challenge

Apr 25, 2023
Aby Bhat at Leadership 2.0

Aby Bhat, a senior project planner in STV’s Newton, MA, office, recently completed the prestigious Leadership 2.0 program, hosted by CoreNet New England, the chapter’s professional development program for emerging leaders in corporate real estate (CRE).

“I was just stepping into my role at STV and understanding my position as a leader when I started this program,” said Bhat, who started her new role in January. “This was the perfect platform for me and my experience level for this next chapter in my career.”

Within the CRE industry, CoreNet is a global network consisting of 46 chapters that help professionals advance in their practice through development, conferences, research, and networking. The CoreNet New England’s Leadership 2.0 is a six-month program for emerging leaders to help participants better understand their leadership styles while holistically developing their core management and leadership skills. The Leadership 2.0 cohorts are intentionally small to provide personalized insight into each participant’s leadership style and track their growth during the program.

At STV, Bhat provides owner’s project management (OPM) services on projects that span multiple industries, from building out a space simulation learning center to transforming a corporate space at the Prudential Center. Because she interfaces with clients regularly, providing her with the skills to better nurture these partnerships is crucial.

“As planning managers, we have to be technically savvy and a “people person,” who can lead a project and wear multiple hats,” Bhat said. “On any project, you’re in a room with vendors, engineers, CMs, PMs, all of whom have different personalities. How you lead a diverse group of people is so important. It’s the soft skills, the people skills, that strengthen us as leaders and experts in our field.”