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STV Water Expert Elected to New York Industry Board

Oct 16, 2023
Rob DeGiorgino

Rob DeGiorgio, P.E., CPESC, CPSWQ, STV vice president and senior project manager, was recently elected to serve as treasurer for the State Chapter of New York Water Environment Association (NYWEA), the leading industry organization for water quality management.

During his eight-year term on NYWEA’s Board of Directors, DeGiorgio will first serve as assistant treasurer for four years prior to four years as treasurer. In this role, DeGiorgio will participate in conference and program leadership, manage NYWEA’s operating budget for its state and seven local chapters, and oversee scholarship funds and investment accounts.

Previously, he served as chairperson for NYWEA’s Lower Hudson Valley chapter and a representative for the state chapter’s Board of Directors.

“NYWEA has been a home away from home for many years,” said DeGiorgio, who has been an NYWEA member for 17 years. “It is a great association to collaborate with my peers, share our seasoned, industry insight, discuss market trends and deliberate holistic environmental needs. As Treasurer, I look forward to sculpting our fiscal strategy, investing in our members, and our scholarships and operator programs.  At STV, we are stewards of the water industry and proud to serve our community.”

DeGiorgio is an active member of the New York State Society of Professional Engineers (NYSSPE) and the Water Environment Federation (WEF). A thought leader within STV’s Nwater practice in New York, DeGiorgio presented last year on innovative greenhouse gas emissions monitoring methodology at NYWEA’s Spring Technical Conference and Exhibition. Later this month, DeGiorgio will be presenting a paper on the “Design and Implementation of Flood Mitigation and Resilient Systems at Existing Wastewater Facilities” at the Joint NEWEA & NYWEA Risk and Resiliency Specialty Conference.

“Rob has been an enduring presence with NYWEA,” said Khris Dodson, NYWEA’s executive director. “His dedication to the organization and the environment is unwavering. We are excited for the next eight years as he brings his passion and commitment to the role of NYWEA’s assistant treasurer and then to serve as the treasurer.”

Founded in 1928, NYWEA’s mission is to protect public health and the environment by promoting sustainable clean water quality management. The association includes over 2,700 members, from engineers, biologists and chemist to lawyers and government officials.