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Senior Engineer Named ASHE Member of the Year

May 26, 2022
Danielle King

As fellowship chair for the American Society of Highway Engineers (ASHE) Harrisburg Chapter, Danielle King, P.E., senior engineer, is the first one in and last one out for the organization’s events. Last night’s annual Past Presidents Banquet was no exception. After finishing her volunteer shift working the registration table and seating herself for the banquet’s dessert, Danielle was taken by surprise when she was awarded the ASHE Harrisburg 2022 Member of the Year Award.

Though to her peers at ASHE and STV, it came as no surprise.

“Danielle gives 120% to everything that she does,” said Barbara Hoehne, P.E., technical director, and engineering director. “We are so glad that ASHE Harrisburg recognized her for her hard work and for all that she has done for the chapter.”

A member of ASHE for seven years, King served as director on the ASHE Harrisburg Board for the past three. During that time, she developed a website to coordinate registration for monthly section meetings, organized a joint picnic with other professional organizations including the American Society of Civil Engineers and Women’s Transportation Seminar, and recorded board meeting minutes in the secretary’s absence, all while adjusting to ever-evolving COVID-19 protocols and restrictions.

At the banquet where King received her award, 10 past ASHE chapter presidents from as early as 1970 were in attendance, including two charter members of the Harrisburg and national chapters.

“To see the legacy and fellowship between all of the seasoned and retired engineers was really special, King said. “It was quite an honor to be awarded amongst peers and those who have gone before us.”

For King, it was also a reminder of why she values her involvement in ASHE. “We engineers can often be somewhat introverted,” she said. “At ASHE, there are so many opportunities to volunteer, gain a sense of community, and step outside of your comfort level to meet new people in the industry. It feels good to be a part of something with a common goal.”

To find your local ASHE chapter, visit the organization’s website.